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Modalert – Buy Modalert Online at

Sun Modalert is a Modafinil drug for patients with narcolepsy and people with sleeping disorders. It’s a commonly recommended drug for excessive daytime sleepiness. But because it can cause side effects, you need to check with your doctor first. In order to maximize its benefits, it’s also highly recommended that you combine this drug with lifestyle change.

Because of its effects in the brain, Modalert is also regarded by its users as a smart drug. As a smart pill, it can improve memory, learning, and other cognitive functioning.

What are the known benefits of Modalert?

As mentioned earlier, it’s known to improve alertness and wakefulness. It also enhances alertness to patients with sleeping disorders, especially those who have shift work disorder.

The many benefits of Modalert prompted FDA to approve it as treatment for ADHD. However, it was later retracted and reported that this drug is not appropriate for children with ADHD symptoms. Then again, some physicians are still prescribing it to their patients with the said condition because Modalert is known to have lower risk of side effects, like addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

How this drug works?

The exact mechanism of this drug is not fully understood. But one thing is for certain is that it crosses the blood brain barrier and enters the central nervous system. When it enters the brain, it acts on dopamine transporter and inhibits its reuptake. As a result, you’ll have an increase level of dopamine in the brain promoting motivation, focus and stamina. This action will also improve your mood.

What is the recommended dosage of Modalert?

The most recommended dose is 200 mg and it must be taken each day or as prescribed by your physician. But Modalert is also available in other dosages, such 100 mg and 400 mg. However, the 200 mg is the most popular one. This dosage is more than enough to give your alertness, focus and wakefulness a boost to last all day. It’s important not to take it hours before bedtime as you will find yourself having difficulty sleeping or staying asleep.

Are there side effects that you must know?

Modalert is a synthetic drug. Thus, it’s inevitable that you may encounter some negative side effects. However, the most common side effects are mild and temporary that would just go away once your body has already adjusted to the components of this drug.

Some of these negative reactions will include the following:

  1. Mouth sores

  2. Fever

  3. Trouble swallowing

  4. Shortness of breath

  5. Hives

  6. Nervousness

  7. Stomach discomfort

  8. Back pain

  9. Diarrhea

Despite its side effects, it’s still considered as safer than amphetamine-based stimulants. Still, it’s important not to take it in excess. And to prevent tolerance build-up, you must consider using it on an infrequent basis.

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