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Modafinil is the generic name of the many smart drugs available online. It’s a common drug treatment for narcolepsy, which is a sleep disorder affecting the brain. With this condition, your brain cannot regulate normal sleep-wake cycle. Because of that, patients suffering from this condition may experience a disruption in their night-time sleep. As a result, they’ll have excessive sleepiness during daytime.

Is Modafinil a safe drug?

It is one of the safest drugs that you can find to help you fight against the symptoms of sleeping disorder. This drug may protect the neurons and extend the life of your brain.

How would you know that this drug actually works?

It may take some time before you’ll notice a significant difference in your alertness and wakefulness. After a few days of taking it, you’ll experience a boost in your neurological functions. When your doctor prescribes the highest dose, the improvement will be 50% during the first few days of treatment.

This drug helps you work during your shift without difficulty maintaining your alertness. Some users of this drug take it even though they don’t have sleep disorders. They only use it to help them be more alert and energetic so they’ll be highly productive when they’re at work or at school.

What are the available doses of Modafinil?

Modafinil is available in different doses but the most common one is 200 mg. The right dosage for you will be determined by your doctor. Thus, it’s essential that you consult your physician first before attempting to use this drug.

To maximize its benefits, it’s highly recommended that you eat the right foods and avoid fast foods. You also need to perform regular exercises to enhance your stamina even further.

When is the right time to take it?

It’s ideal to take it in the morning. However, if you’re using it to treat shift work disorder, then the right time would be before your shift starts. You must avoid using it minutes or hours before bedtime. This is because it may disrupt your sleep.

Is it addictive?

There are no cases reported that modafinil became addictive. Even though it’s considered as a stimulant drug, it’s not narcotic. It doesn’t promote arousal, unlike meth.

What are the side effects?

Modafinil is an FDA-approved medicine. It has been around for decades. The most commonly reported unwanted reactions related to the use of this drug will include the following:

  1. Mild headache

  2. Nausea

  3. Rhinitis

These side effects are usually mild and they don’t require medical attention. Furthermore, they just go away after a few hours of taking this drug. If you don’t take it for several days, you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms, unlike other stimulant drugs. So, it’s great for occasional use.

How to purchase modafinil online?

You can purchase this drug from us at We offer it at the cheapest price. The manufacturers of the modafinil available here are GMP and WHO certified companies. Thus, you can be sure of the drugs’ safety and effectiveness. We’re also one of the few online drugstores that let you order modafinil online with or without prescription.

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